Charles Darwin University - School of Trades

The Charles Darwin University - School of Trades system was developed to alleviate most of the paperwork needed to keep track of students within the trades area.

The system runs on the University intranet and hosts data on the students marks, progress, times spent on individual units, etc.

Using ColdFusion MX, the system can generate Flash graphs to give students an immediate, visual representation of how far along they are in a given unit.

Database driven (MySQL) as the system is, it allows for many and varried reports to be generated from the student data by administration staff for the purposes of collating data and billing.

The system also helps in an area which had been historically difficult to police, that of paid apprentices not showing up for complete days. Now the employers who send their apprentices to the University can receive an email at the end of each week detailing exactly how many hours an apprentice has spent in class for the week.

This is an intranet system, so no link to the site is available