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Financial Management System

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Financial control and management are a key element of any business. Timely financial information is essential for good management as it allows greater planning and control of the organisation’s resources. The decision-making process becomes more relevant and therefore more effective.

Our e-finance systems provides up to date information to staff, business managers and decision makers when and where they need it. It allows remote workers and business units to receive and provide critical financial information at anytime.

The system is currently used by multiple organisation in Darwin, Katherine and Tiwi Islands.

Our Online Financial Management System provides:

  • Real time information access
  • Online access to wherever it is needed
  • Intranet or Internet based information access
  • Minimised data entry, including from remote locations
  • Online access to ordering and requisition requests
  • Online recording of goods received, triggering payment requests
  • Workflow and procedure management
  • Workflow notification
  • Fast visual reporting
  • Different user and access levels
  • Accurate tracking of expenditure against budgets
  • Customisable help and training

Information from all parts of the business flow together without needing hours of extra work to collate them. The information can also be shown visually - for example, with the use of graphs - allowing the data to be understood very quickly.

These systems also provide management of expenditure through online provision of requisition and ordering systems, integrated with appropriate approval and notification flows. Staff placing new requisitions will trigger notification to staff with approval authority. This allows all purchasing related information to be available to all the staff that requires it.

Coupled with new satellite communications capability, these systems work well from remote locations and allow external financial support to be provided in real time. This provides the important capability of greater planning and control of the organisation's finances, allowing informed and timely decision-making.

All financial records, including an audit trail of any changes, are stored in protected space and backed up regularly. You will not lose your financial records.

Both internal and external reporting requirements become easier. This is particularly beneficial when reporting to funding bodies.

The eNTITy1 e-finance system can be set up in a number of ways to maximise the benefits to the organization. The primary model is designed to provide bookkeeping and accounting services with the system and for it to be hosted through our hosting service. This allows the system to use a shared database system thus reducing the overall cost. The system could be hosted internally in your organization if you have the appropriate online services.

The e-finance system can also be implemented as an Intranet system.

Interfacing with your accounting package using ODBC allows data to be imported and exported from the Financial Management System.