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Web Design and Development Services

Our team has combined experience of over 30 years in almost every aspect of web design and development. Our team specialises in ColdFusion web development supported by MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases. We have excellent skills in JavaScript development and utilise the most popular frameworks available - JQuery, JQueryUI and Bootstrap. We develop and maintain our own systems and are able to custom build websites and applications to your specifications. We also customize and implement Open Source Website solutions including Wordpress and Drupal.

We are happy to work with existing businesses such as your preferred designer or SEO specialist.

Web Development Services

  • Management Systems
  • Web Design & Development
  • Database Management
  • Web consultation (ColdFusion, JavaScript, XHTML, XML, MySQL, MSSQL, JQuery, AJAX)
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Online credit card payments and gateways
  • Open source application configuration, support and deployment

If you require a service not listed here, please contact us as we can cater to almost all web related requests.

E-Commerce and online payment solutions

eNTITy1 has a wealth of experience in developing online payment solutions, such as online stores/shopping carts, booking systems, and permit systems. We are a reseller for CTEL and provide complete support for integrating this and other payment gateways into your website. We have experience with many of Australia's banks, CTEL Payment Gateway and PayPal. No matter what the purpose, we can provide your business and website with the ability to accept credit card payments online in complete confidence and security.

Past projects

The list below is a small selection of projects we have undertaken to date:

  • Financial Management System (with MYOB Integration)
  • Client Management System
  • Asset Management System
  • Timesheet Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Hunting/Fishing and Visitor Permit System
  • Accommodation Booking System
  • Online Learning Resources System
  • E-Commerce/Online shopping facilities
  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Remote Health Data Co-ordination System
  • Legislation and Document Management System
  • Vehicle Booking System
  • Event Registration and Booking System
  • Media Release System
  • Advertisement Campaign System
  • Animal Research Database
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Online Gallery (Images, Sounds, Video, Documents)