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Indigenous Knowledge Centre

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Aboriginal people developed a very complex and detailed knowledge system over at least 65000 years in Australia. The failure to understand and appreciate the richness and complexity of indigenous knowledge in this country is one of its greatest failures of our modern history and needs to be addressed if we are going to learn to mange the country sustainably. This site is a first step along that pathway.

There are several aims for the project.

  • To help people understand the structure and context of indigneous knowledge systems to allow people to develop a more detailed understanding of these cultures.
  • To gather traditional knowledge into a process and a place where young indigenous people can access the information.
  • To provide a knowledge system to assist with the knowledge development to support indigenous cultural tourism and awareness
  • To provide a mechanism for shools and other people to develop a deeper understanding of indigenous culture from the area
  • To develop a platform to support the redevelopment of cultural management practices on clan country.

This integrated indigenous knowledge management strategy incorporates these core elements;

Indigenous people have lived in Australia for over 65 thousand years and probably significantly longer. Their culture and traditions contain a wealth of information about the management of the land in such a way that the plants, animals and people all benefit.